Q2Reader Team Q2Reader v1.02b S60v5 Symbian 9.4

First beta version of new mobile FB2/TXT Reader for S60 5th devices.
Key features of Q2Reader:
* Supported formats: FB2, TXT;
* For FB2 supports: images, headings, epigraphs, verses, text styles, etc;
* Support portrait and landscape screen orientation;
* Kinetic scrolling;
* Context translation of words by long tap on word in text;
* Paging by clicking on top/bottom of the screen;
* Calling menu in read mode by pressing on upper left corner of the screen;
* New color editor for font and background in application settings;
* Text search;
* Quick jump within the document (in %);
* Auto scrolling in text (smooth, by line, by page);
* Quick view of reading time and volume of reading;
* Backlight settings;
* 55 different codepages of characters + 3 Unicode.
What's new:
* ZIP archives support;
* Pluggable Fonts (directory for ttf files E:\data\Q2reader\fonts\);
* Resizing of large images to fit of the screen;
* Added processing of tag ;
* Reduced the minimum delay for auto-scrolling;
* Changes in UI, optimization of algorithms.


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