LCG PhotoBook v1.40b S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x 2 Icons

lcg photobook is handy photo browser and photo viewer to display digital photo images taken with your mobile camera, cell phone or downloaded from PC.
Application contains a graphic photo browser and photo viewer which allow you to preview, zoom, slideshow and many other functionalities. It supports Google maps, so you can open in details the GPS tags with Google Maps mobile or with mobile phone web browser.
Photobook 1.40.b Beta Released (26.may.2010)
New features:
* System fonts support (including size of UI font)
* Home Screen
* Gallery: search and display all the images on the device (viewed all or grouped by folders)
* Option to exclude user specified folders from scanning by Gallery
* Optional "Folder-up" icon in browser mode
* Option to clean the image cache manually
Fixes, improvements:
* Fix in registration crash
* Improved speed of loading folder's content
* Added confirmation when deleting files
* Fix on Google Maps (S60 3rd)
* Minor changes and fixes
Removed features:
* Show and browse RAM/ROM drives (Symbian)
Note : It has 2 icons. When one of them expired, just use the other one.
Thanks to Gangclub for this brilliant method!


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