Nokia Image Exchange v1.02 (11) S60v3 SymbianOS9.x

Nokia Image Exchange v1.02 (11) S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned Turkish Translated By MaxiPDA
Nokia Image Exchange is an experimental imaging service to make browsing and sharing images fun and easy. It aims to provide a seamless integration of a mobile image gallery application and a corresponding web-service. Nokia Image Exchange explores the possibilities of the mobile phone when it is enabled with always-on data connection and utilizes existing contact information as a basis for social networking.
A Fast Gallery
Nokia Image Exchange is a fast standalone image gallery for a large variety of Nokia S60 devices. Browse images on a timeline, mark your favorite shots and skim through your images quickly in a grid. On supported devices, images also automatically rotate to the orientation of your screen.
Tight Service Integration
If network use is enabled, Nokia Image Exchange client automatically creates a private service account as part of the registration process. Images can be selectively uploadeded to the service, or the client can take care of backing up your collection to the service for you.
Images can be published and shared to your friends instantly. Your phonebook contacts that are also Nokia Image Exchange users are automatically recognized and thus there is no need to keep a separate contact list for the service.
Website for viewing images on a PC
Web interface allows you not only to browse your and other users’ images but to upload new ones. Uploaded images are automatically transferred to your mobile as well.
As all your images are stored on your Web account, you are free to download them to your PC, Mac or Linux via the Web site.
When connected, Nokia Image Exchange generates data traffic between the mobile phone and the service. The traffic costs depend on your network operator and data plan.
Nokia Image Exchange is an experimental imaging service for Nokia mobile phones. It is meant to be as convenient and effortless as possible.
With Image Exchange you can share images with your friends. It also makes your images easily available in its web interface to be viewed on a PC or downloaded.
Notice: Nokia Image Exchange is an experimental research project by Nokia Research Center. For a similar mainstream Nokia service, check out Ovi Share.
Nokia Image Exchange web service * The web service has been tested with Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 7. Google Chrome and Opera 9 seem to work.
Download here the full version of Nokia Image Exchange for non-touch devices including N95, N85, N82, E71, N76, N78 and Nokia 5320 XpressMusic.
Supported devices: N95 (all versions), N85, N82, N81 (all models), E71, N76, N78 and Nokia 5320 XpressMusic. Image Exchange should also work on many other Nokia S60 3.1 and 3.2 devices.
Devices known not to work or have issues: N96 and E90


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