ERDS Shot v1.0

ERDS Shot is a program written in PyS60 which allows you to take screenshots in S60v3 and S60v5 phones. The program is under constant development is therefore not a final version and would appreciate the reporting of bugs or improvements.
* Allows you to capture the screen and save the image with the path, name and format desired.
* Adds a watermark to catch
* Allows you to add a personal text, date, time or 3 things to the image.
* Allows you to display a preview of the final image
* Set the position of the watermark (manual or automatic)
* Set the text position (manual or automatic)
* Allows you to join in an animated gif catches over time and indicated cycle (only supported png)
* Selecting the shutter button to capture
* Allows you to select the color and text size
* Includes a search engine for images to be seen with the default viewer
* Allows you to restore the default settings
Version 0.8
* Added: Option to choose the position of text or watermark with just indicate where (Above - Left for example) designed for S60V5
* Added: Language in text files for easy translation
* Added: Mini-Module "Opacity" by jge93 in order to add transparency to the watermark
* Added: progress bar to create masks and restore settings
* Added: Italian and English Language
* Added: Auto-Reset when changing language
* Added: New images on the current assistants
* Added: Ability to use your own mask for the watermark
Fixed: Resizing of the watermark images
Fixed: I can now be used in the program accents
Fixed: Icon smaller (the other was out of bounds)
* Fixed: Removed some junk in the code to lighten a bit
* Fixed: Problem in some mobile phones with the images. It is now fully multi-resolution
Version 0.9.1
* Fixed: Error not select a language, did not return to the main area
* Fixed: Error that sometimes do not save images, instead replace them
* Fixed: Problems indicating the position, now is a little less vague
* Fixed: Now you can save the error in a txt
* Fixed: Now to change the folder, it goes into this without rebooting
* Fixed: Now shows the sentences according to the language correctly in text settings
* Fixed: Several minor bugs ...
* Added: function to upload the image to imageshack and return immediately link to the clipboard (optional with bbcode)
* Added: function to send the image via Bluetooth immediately
* Added: function to cut an area of the image
* Added: New images browser, with features like Delete, Open, Cut, Upload or Send
* Added: function to choose the resolution of the capture (with software interpolation ;))
* Added: Choice of folder in C + +
* Added: menu divided for better organization
* Added: Russian language by guardtroops
* Added: Vietnamese Language Kojiro
* Added: Portuguese language by google
* Added: Updated about dialog :partyman:
Whtas New?
* Added: "Collage", allows to join two, four or six images on a single with three different styles respecting the dimensions of each (looks the screenshots ;))
* Added: function 'Uploads', save the link of each ascent to imageshack for later use (it automatically saves the link)
* Added: New icon by alrod
* Added: New background by alrod
* Added: New module to cut images by jge93 & Genesis with a lot of options ;)
* Added: New color palette by jge93
* Added: When selecting a new watermark, it copies itself to a folder for later use without having to search again
* Added: Compression of the RAM after taking a screenshot (auto)
* Removed: Images in the about (useless)
* Fixed: Now add the exact current time, down time that you opened the program
* Fixed: Now you have to reboot every time you change your folder
* Fixed: Many minor bugs ...
It was tested in the following models
* Nokia N95-3
* Nokia N82
* Nokia N95 8GB
* Nokia N95-1
* 8MP Nokia N86
* Nokia 6110
* Mini Nokia N97
* Nokia N97
* Nokia N96
* Nokia N91


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