Inlogic Software Poker HoldEm Master v1.01 J2ME

There are a lot of fans of card games out there and there Inlogic software hopes that there will also be a large number of the Poker Hold'em Master mobile game. With this new launch, they have managed to bring an alternative to the way that mobile phone entertainment is provided to handset users.
Poker Hold'em Master may not be the first such game developed for the use of mobile phone owners. Still, it promises to be just as entertaining and provide the card gaming action that cellular users might look for.
This is actually a family of card games which is due for an expansion in the near future. Poker Hold'em Master manages to bring more than just the regular Poker. It packs a large number of the most popular such card games for mobile phone gaming.
"After the game Solitaire we prepared for all our card players our version of poker in form of a new game. We hope you will find with it lots of fun and it will become a favorite part of your mobile phones", says Jon Kalafut, COO of the company Inlogic Software. That might just turn out to be true. Pleasant or not, card games have the special talent of becoming addictive, which is the best quality that a mobile phone game can turn out to have.
Poker Hold'em Master is highly similar to the Texas Hold'em previous game version. The game begins with qualification, which offers players the chance of earning all chips from other opponents. From this point further, the player goes to the Master Tournament. In order to win the game, he must finish it on the first place during this competition. Regular Poker gamers have higher chances of winning than novice ones, as they are more accustomed to the rules of a regular such game


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