Codename - Havoc S60v3 EN

That's where you come in. Created from the best genetic material and subjected to rigorous military training, is last line of defense of the Earth, the best of the remains of mankind and his army have to offer. Flying in the most advanced single-pilot fighter on Earth, are a veritable fleet of one, capable of only one hand pushing back the invaders of Oblivion.
Fly on the damn surface of the Earth, the ruined cities, volcanic hills, and seas of lava in the expansive game levels. Use a variety of weapons, from lasers to fireballs, Homing missiles and bombs. Facing innumerable Oblivion forces, their swarms of fast interceptors, heavy destroyers, maternity tanks, giant mechanical spiders and more.
All in order to destroy the invaders, restore our planet, and prove that humanity will not be so quickly defeated. You are all there (flies) between the survival of humanity and total oblivion. You Codename: Havoc.
Language: English


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