Melon Mobile Easy Busy v1.04.89 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4

Sales calls and phone surveys, stalkers, your ex-boy or girlfriend, your mom (at times), so many calls that you want to avoid... Easy Busy comes to help. Easy to setup, easy to use - Easy Busy allows you to keep away calls from people that you would like to ignore.
Take control of your time – it’s easy, when you’re busy!
Here are some key features of "Easy Busy (S60)":
* Calls rejected by an instant busy tone (not interrupting your privacy)
* Ultra-fast caller recognition (caller thinks the line is busy)
* Blocking of selected contacts from your phonebook (full phonebook integration)
* Blocking of manually added to Easy Busy contacts (for persistent callers out of your phonebook)
* Log with all rejected calls (so that you can later check who has tried to reach you)
* Discrete indicator on the phone stand-by screen that Easy Busy is running in the background
* Easy set-up and simple to use
* Easy adding and removing of blacklisted contacts (to quickly switch when situation changes)
* Auto-start on system startup (to never miss loading your Easy Busy phone guard)


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