EA Mobile: Nascar 2007 (Java Game)


Go full throttle with EA SPORTS™ Nascar 07! Rev your mobile with thrilling, high RPM NASCAR racing. Gun for the checkered flag on ten NASCAR tracks as you compete for the Nextel Cup. Precise controls let you draft, pass, bump, block and make pit stops for fuel and tire changes.

Roaring crowds, squealing rubber, crash vibration effects and behind-the-car views deliver “real feel” action. Race against up to 20 cars with an easy-to-use interface, and vivid graphics that put you right in the action.


* Mobile dedicated design
* Behind car perspective to bring the consumer closer to the action around them in 3D
* Ability to draft behind cars to conserve fuel and to gain speed to pass
* Ability to block other cars from passing (at the risk of losing draft speed)
* Participate in individual races to test out your car or race for the season championship
* Ability to select medium, short, and long races
* Flag effects - yellow, white and checkered
* Real audio sounds to create the feel of being at the race track (engine roar, tire squeal, crowd sound, pit changes, crashes, etc.).
* Vibration feedback on collision between cars
* Manage cars fuel, tire grip / wear and damage
* Race against up to 20 cars in trying to finish first
* Track(s) to be the most famous track(s) in NASCAR including Daytona, Bristol, Darlington, and Talladega.



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