BuddyCloud v1.01 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4

Buddycloud takes your mobile's address book, mashes it up with our location fingerprint technology and then feeds the results back to your buddies. Buddycloud pushes (and pulls) your location, mood and intended next location to everyone else in your address book. At the same time Buddycloud will point out interesting people and locations as you move around town, and gives you a convenient way to chat with them and hook-up.
Now you can:
* see where your friends are
* see where they have been
* see where they are planning on going
* share your current mood or "message to the world"
* chat privately with your friends with instant messages
* join group chats, discuss, flirt or get to know new friends
* see how many people are at places near you
* meet people near you
Now by looking at your phone's address book you know who's going where and who's doing what.
It is also possible to setup Buddycloud's Facebook Application so that your friends can see where you are
Fixed Certificate
Minor bugs fixed


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