Ink Weather/Moji Weather v3.0 Beta weather & Clock S60v3

A new version release support HS widget clock, but unfortunately weather services only support China, HK & Taiwan area~~
* 1. Increase three kinds of bell desktop style..
* 2. New skin function
* 3. The temperature is accurate to one decimal.
* 4. Touch-screen iPhone experience into a style that is drag the moving type, the main interface, drag your fingers when you will follow the move, drag it, move where.
* 5. Increased the elastic effect of inertia, drag the edge of the screen will be extended after arrival, and rebound.
* 6. An increase of the multi-city rotation display function, support for auto-rotation and rotation of hanging keys by hand.
* 7. Increases regularly updated features, you can set three time to regularly update.
* 8. Force Feedback effects, click the button and drag there will be varying degrees of force feedback.
* 9. To increase the selection of calling your browser options.
* 10. Increase the temperature display unit of choice: Celsius temperature, Fahrenheit temperature.
* 11. Drag mode is more humane, hold down the desktop programs 0.5 seconds after the switch to enter drag mode. Can be dragged to the desktop is not outside the screen.
* 12. Optimizes the settings to save the format can now manually modify the.
* 13. Optimizes the desktop position adjustment programs, hold down the desktop 0.5s entered the drag mode, drag the desktop in order to avoid misuse problems.
* 14. Optimizes the index page of the menu and operation, more user-friendly.
Bug Fixed:
* 1. Fixed N96, N95, etc. string problem for the desktop models.
* 2. Fixed desktop security software, see the ink display name the wrong question.
* 3. Fixed click on check for updates once after the re-count to check for updates will no longer check the networking problem.
* 4. The main program interface, "update time" to "synchronize time"
* 5. Wang Ping evening forecasting, icons and descriptions do not correspond to the problem
* 6. Fixed theme font color changes, there is no corresponding change in the desktop font color problem.
* 7. Substantially optimize the network layer to update more smoothly when multiple cities.


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