Yoritsuki v1.2.3 Iphone and Ipod Touch

Yoritsuki v1.2.3 Iphone and Ipod Touch

Yoritsuki is a software application whose theme is that of a Japanese inn.Guest room are richly imbued with Japanese atmosphere. The view changes completely with the turn of the four seasons.
As the seasons and daylight hours change, so do the background sounds and animations (birds, snow, fireflies and so on).
Choose your favorite shoji. Slide it as you like to alter the view.
When you’re a bit tired, how about a little rest at Yoritsuki Inn?
Updated in August 2, 2010
- Support for iPhone 4 Retina Display
- Support for iOS4 multitasking
- Background sound function
- Sleep-timer function,
- Summer items added
A hanging lantern and accessories (watermelons, glasses for barley tea [two types], teapots for barley tea, uchiwa [round paper fan] and piglet-shape mosquito coils)

- The view changes with the seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter).
- The view changes by time of day.
- The animation changes with the seasons
(birds, snow, falling cherry blossoms, fireflies, falling leaves and so on).
- Background sounds change with the change of season and/or time.
- There are 15 optional shoji designs.
- Touch your iPhone screen to move the shoji.
- You can slide the shoji smoothly to a predetermined point.
- The six shojis change all at once by flip animation.
- There is a wide-view clock mode.
- Shishiodoshi display modes now switchable
- Rain mode
- Faraway thunder (sound only)
- Floors changed (tatami, fresh tatami, borderless tatami, wood flooring)
- Low tables added (seven types)
- Accessories added (seven types)
- Floor cushions (five types, with different colors)
- Circular windows (two types)
- Wind chimes (two types) These can be positioned on the right or left.
- Paper lampshades (two types) These can be positioned on the right or left.
- Hanging lanterns (two types)
- Reed screens (four types, roll-up design, switchable)
- 12- and 24-hour display
- Sleep-timer function,
- Support for iPhone 4 Retina Display
- Support for iOS4 multitasking
- Background sound function
1. The shoji design and the season are saved when the application is turned off.
2. You can change any individual shoji by tapping it twice.
3. Day and night are determined based on your iPhone’s clock.
4. Note: Double-tap the paper lampshade icon to turn the lamp on and off.
Please visit @hybridworks (Twitter) for the latest information.
What's new in Version 1.2.3
Thank you for using Yoritsuki.
This update adds new items and makes some improvements.
As with the last time, this is only a minor update.

New in version 1.2.3
- [NEW] Japanese New Year’s items have been added to the accessories (KOMONO).
- [NEW] Dinner items(YUUGE) have been added to the accessories (KOMONO).
With this addition, a hierarchical menu of KOMONO content was created.
- [NEW] A function to turn the background sounds on and off has been added.
* The background sounds are off by default, because opinion is divided over the background sounds. When the sounds are off, the application can be closed down with the Home button, which avoids battery drain. To play the sounds again, please turn them on.

* Older models that do not support multitasking (including the iPhone 3G and second-generation iPods) do not have an on/off function for background sounds.

Minor adjustments
- [Improved] The problem of items and settings not being saved has been fixed.
- [Improved] The bug that causes application crashes on the iPod Touch 2nd Plus has been fixed.
iPad version
Thank you for many requests for an iPad version. We are now testing whether we can offer a universal application. Depending on the test results, another application exclusive to iPad may be released. In either case, please give us a little more time.


Edward Carroll said...

Looks like a cool app. I've just had my iphone 4 unlocked and I would like to give this app a try. Just one question though, is this a game? What are the objectives?

eTo said...

I do not think the problem will come. need to try

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