Zlango Icon Messaging v2.0.43 S60v3 SymbianOS9x

Zlango icon messaging brings SMS to life! Zlango users easily incorporate personality rich icons within text messages to infuse unique expression, human emotion and innuendos into everyday mobile messages. Zlango Benefits ? Surprise your friends with expressive icon-enhanced messages they never expected! ? Just like SMS, but a whole lot more fun, colorful and never boring! ? A free application and messages cost the same as SMS Zlango Features ? Zlango icons are available in three distinct themes ? Urban, Gorgeous and the original Classic theme, providing a range of rich expression to suit various preferences. Each theme includes an extensive, distinctive icon library within the mobile application, and a wide vocabulary of localized expressions. ? Zlango is an easy to use SMS-like experience - Simply selecting ?Icon message’'' rather than ?Text message’'', users easily replace words with icons in their preferred style theme. Intended words appear in small text below the selected icon, so the sender and receiver enjoy a personality rich yet clear mobile dialogue. Warning: Zlango is viral and somewhat addictive. Lucky it''s free! Zlango is easy to share with friends, and the more friends users have, the more Zlango fun for all. Users simply send friends a Zlango icon message, and the recipient with Zlango receives it just like SMS. The new recipient who hasn’''t yet downloaded Zlango receives a simple link to download Zlango in seconds so they can start sending and receiving Zlango icon messages too. Join the millions of active Zlango users sending over 200 million Zlango icons globally each month. Zlango''s products currently support more than 500 mobile devices and 22 languages across 20 countries. Zlango is a free service. Standard SMS message costs apply.


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