MMMOOO iSlogan v1.0 S60v5

[WGZ] MMMOOO iSlogan v1.0 S60v5 -your favorite slogan on homescreen-

iSlogan is the inspirational homescreen widget display your favorite slogan, motto, sentence, name, logo.
You can change our inbuilt background by click the banner behind the slogan; click the Options-Settings, then you can input your own slogan.
Series 60 phones: Download the .wgz file to your PC, then install the file with Nokia Pc Suite or copy it to your phone and install it in File Manager. After installed the file to your phone, there will be a icon on your phone's Installed. folder.
* A product of MMMOOO Premium Service:
* 1. Premium class in quality & designing
* 2. Customized service with product: You can order from us the same product with your name or brand on it
* 3. Email check every 12 hours from Monday to Saturday.Online community help open 24-7
* 4. FREE future updates - send us your email receipt to our customer support e-mail and we will keep you up to date with all update


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