Jbak MobileAgent v1.69 S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x

Comprises the protocols Mail.ru-agent, ICQ, Ya-line, Gtalk, LiveJournal, e-mail, as well as maps (gps) and informers (edakii widget until the weather and currency).
- Pop-up notification messages, typing, output in
onnlayn / offline
- Setting colors in the chat window
- Scaling icons (for large screens)
- Setting the workspace (to hide the top and / or lower
Caps applications)
- Send photo blog at mail.ru (does not require an active connection to
- Work with the conference (create, display, lists of participants)
- Micro-blogging
- Definition versions of the client interlocutor (PC or mobile)
- Masked by other customers
- New interface
- The possibility of asynchronous work (access to the card or in KL at the moment
update the list of messages, download attachments, etc.)
- Sending attachments
- Routing, taking into account traffic jams with the possibility of adding
route arbitrary points
- An opportunity to inform other users about the point (accident, radar,
road works, etc.) and look at these points.
- Search for gps-coordinates
- Switch to full screen mode
- Work with maps of Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov, Taganrog, Vladivostok,
Nakhodka, Krasnodar, Sochi, Kazan, Novorossiysk
Support for touch screens (Nokia 5800, N97, etc.)
- Risen speed interface
- Kinetic scrolling contacts, mail, etc.
- Tactile impact
- New full-screen user interface
- Access to microblogging without starting the agent
- A quick search on the internet
- New ticker weather - more weather today and forecast for
tomorrow precipitation


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