Webwag Mobile v3.0 S60v3/v5 J2ME

Webwag Mobile v3.0 S60v3/v5 J2ME -real widgets on your mobile-

Webwag presents Webwag Widgets Engine, a mobile and web widgets convergent solution (for the web, JavaMe, Android and iPhone and PND) that delivers a wide range of internet and dedicated services in the form of graphically rich micro-applications (widgets). With a unique login, users can access all their favorite web services, anywhere, on any devices.
* Full innovative widgets environment, 1800 available widgets.
* Fully customizable solution.
* Unparalleled development simplicity based on standard technology: javascript and XML
* Convergent approach: All internet services available on the web, PND, iPhone, Java phone, Android with a single login.
Webwag Widgets Engine is based on standard components available for all platforms and some specific features by platforms. Standard components are:
* Welcome wizard: A welcome wizard allows to select the initial thematics, city and desired login. After these rapid steps, the user is presented with a completely personalized environment.
* Discovery: Users can find the best widgets classified by rating, thematics, recommended…
* RSS Widgets: All RSS feeds can be added in a simple way with specific look and feel, read/not read visual effects…
* Advanced Widgets: Some micro application have been included like Twitter, Facebook, Calendare, stock quotes, weather forecast, etc…
* Location Based Widget: The widgets allow map display and manipulation, sattelite view, POI layer, address search, adding POIs, KML generation…
* Virality: Different viral features are integrated within the application to create a community spirit and increase usages and audience (send the application to a friend, share a news with twitter, mail…).
* Social Networks and communities: Most famous networks, like Facebook, twitter, Flickr are all available.


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