Mobile WebCam

Description: The program makes it possible to transmit Mobile WebCam images made by your kamerofonom straight to the WWW. Available two modes: camera and webcam. Doing photo ee you can send to your online photo album on HTTP or FTP via GPRS or UMTS connection, and it will be immediately accessible to all. Alternatively, you can continuously peredovat images with kamerofona raised through intervals on your online web, thereby leading reportage from hot scene.

With this program you can easily organize their own web page on webcam Be a reporter, become a spy, and publish verse in the web directly from your phone ...

The program is free not only for private commercial use ..

Setting Primary:
1) Register Here
2) Get midlet in your phone.
2) Allow access to the camera and the internet: midlet have a look, click Polnomochiya-> Internet Access> One query The powers-> Multimedia> A request
3) Start midlet.
4) Go to the menu and select the item "Installations": More-> Settings-> Login, and enter your user name.

1) Click Capture to capture images
2) Click Send to send images to your online album
3) If you do not want to send the photo and have a look, click ViewFinder "
You made pictures will be released into the folder "Incoming."

Note: If you have not entered your user name, then your pictures will be checked by a moderator and is for general observation. Images in the same mode webcam will be available to all (public camera user). If you do not correctly identify ID, then your pictures lost.

Send Status can be viewed by clicking More-> Info.

1) You must be in the "ViewFinder." If you are in any other mode or exit the menu, or have a look and click "ViewFinder."
2) Click Start WebCam "

Web-cam can be operated in two modes, and an ordinary espionage. Webcam mode can be selected to the "Settings". The ordinary mode on the screen you see a picture phone zahvatyvaemuyu telephone.
To exit webcam click "Stop."
If you chose "espionage mode, then after clicking on the" Start WebCam "midlet will work in the background, or you will see a standard interface to the phone (except, perhaps, the icon Java). In order to get out of "spyware regime" must start anew midlet. After the run you can stop web camera nazhmitiem to "Stop."

1) Select the resolution and format photographs. We advise you to choose the format so that the size of photographs has been minimal-usually jpeg format.
2) Spy mode: enabled or disabled.
3) interval, which will be made photographs in seconds.
3) Name which include having to register.
4) URL of the image that will go. Do not alter this box if you do not know for sure what you do.

Learn how to manage your photos and webcam:
Once you have done and submitted a photo, the image goes into the folder "Incoming" (Incoming). You can set up your photo album so that some pictures will be available to all, and only some of you.
You can easily create toxic "Folders" and move images between them.

Size: 88 Kb



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