Battery Notifier Pro BT v1.4.9

Battery Notifier Pro BT v1.4.9
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Battery Notifier Pro BT, a pro version of Battery Notifier (Big Text), makes it easy to monitor your battery indicator levels with large colored text in the status bar, with additional icon options and alarm notification features requested by users.

Features :
Shows 1% battery percent levels on most Motorola devices (Android 2.2 and above)
Three fonts - LcdD, Arial Narrow and MingLiU
Custom color options display the colors you want at the levels you want
Over twelve additional icon sets available to download for even more status bar options
Quiet hours (Mute alarms during certain hours)
Mute alerts (Postpone alarms until you want to hear them)
Repeat intervals for low AND full battery alarms
Quick access to Battery Use, Battery Info and Battery History via Menu
Battery temperature/health displays on the Dashboard
Choose a custom full charge notification percentage from 70% to 100%
Temperature/Voltage and "unplugged/plugged since" info in notification area
Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
Choice of "smiley with sunglasses" or standard battery icon for full charge notification
Addons and battery menu options Honeycomb compatible
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