Vuvuzela S60v3 EN (Maturus) by Dedomil

What in South Africa are not encouraging your team this world? What you can not get with this instrument, typical of this world?
Since most do not despair, Maturus your cell phone brings you the ideal suloción with this application, now you can play without getting red vuvzela the efforts to bring. Come on, prepare your popcorn, your beer, and give your vuvuzela nonstop fun is served!


Eternoinfotech Newshunt v1.24.62 S60v3 SymbianOS.x

Eternoinfotech Newshunt v1.24.62 S60v3 SymbianOS.x Signed Datecode 14.06.10
NewsHunt is a revolutionary product of Lord Infotech, which allows mobile users to read the newspaper the news of his choice on the fly. Thanks to NewsHunt, now you can read many leading Indian news papers on your mobile phone. All popular GPRS enabled phones and GPRS operator in all plans to support the viewing of news papers. Enjoy reading!
* 17 national and regional press
* 9 different languages
* More than 500 models of compatible phones.
* Works across all operators
Eternal newspapers:
* Andhraprabha
* Dainik Bhaskar
* Dainik Jagran
* Deccan Herald
* Dinamalar
* Dinamani
* Divya Bhaskar
* Eenadu
* Kannada Prabha
* Lok Satta
* Malayala Manorama
* Mathrubhumi
* Navajyoti
* Prajavani
* Sakal
* The Indian Express
* The New Indian Express


LCG Photobook v1.41 S60v3

LCG Photobook v1.41 S60v3 {Shilca Style Gray on Gray Icon Mod}
LCG PhotoBook is handy photo browser and photo viewer to display digital photo images taken with your mobile camera, cell phone or downloaded from PC. Application contains a graphic photo browser and photo viewer which allow you to preview, zoom, slideshow and many other functionalities. It supports Google maps, so you can open in details the GPS tags with Google Maps mobile or with mobile phone web browser.
Key features:
* Many supported images format such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, animated GIF
* GPS tags opened in Google Maps Mobile or in mobile phone web browser
* Touch optimized
* File management: delete file, rename file, create folder, copy file, move file
* Add images to contact (only on Symbian platform)
* Send image via: multimedia, bluetooth, infrared, post to web - Nokia Ovi (only on Symbian platform)
* Shows thumbnails of photos in the current folder
* Zoom
* Show EXIF more details in list view mode
* Fast directory view: moving through directory
* Many hotkeys
* Watch slideshow with time setup
* Show content of ROM/RAM drives (only on Symbian platform)
* Cracked by Ice Angel
* Original icons by Shilca
* Icon Modded by baron91


Melon Safe Deposit Box v1.02.34 S60v3/v5 (Arabic)

Offer you a program of Arabization Arabization program to protect your files from hackers password

Melon Safe Deposit Box V1.02.34 S60v3 S60v5

The program protects all your files with a password away from hackers and software is very easy
When you install the program chose the Arabic language and Arab will become fully
The program works on the third and fifth generation


TitusSoft Xchanger v1.18 S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x

TitusSoft Xchanger v1.18 S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x
Xchanger is a currency converter, with auto-update feature and really simple user interface. And best of all, it is FREE!!!
* Auto-update
* Convert between 150+ currencies including Gold, Silver, Palladium, and Platinum price
* Simple user interface
* Easy to use
Change Log :
- What's new on 1.18
- New setting : "Appearance" > "Font size" ["Large"|"Normal"|"Small"]. Now you can have more items viewable on the list at one time
- Replace "Update completed" message with Vibration and Tone. This will follow the "Ringing type", "Ringing volume", and "Vibrating alert" for current phone profile.
- On some older S60 3rd phones, the list will have some unused space at the bottom of the list. This is because of the drawing behaviour of the phone itself. Newer phones (e.g. S60 5th phones) don't have this issue.
- Vibration will depends on hardware on the phone, please check that your phone is support vibration or not.
- Vibration will also follow the behaviour of the phone vibration, e.g. when charging the phone, the vibration will not active.
Dear Xchanger user,
Some of our users report to us that Xchanger 1.17/1.18 (perhaps also happened in older version?) crashes when just starting.
Now We just upload another version 1.18 (Friday, June 25th, 2010 at 11.00 A.M. UTC +08:00) and replace the older 1.18.
For Xchanger user that facing that problem, we suggest you to download it again and try if this work or not.
For another Xchanger user that doesn't facing that problem, you don't need to re-download and re-install it (this is the reason why we don't increase the version to 1.19).
Also Attached a Debug version
For ALL Xchanger user, we introduce you the DEBUG version. From Xchanger 1.18 onwards, we will publish also the DEBUG version.
So, if you found any problem (bug / crash, especially crash) with Xchanger, please download this version, unzip it, and follow the instructions (inside readme.txt).


Nokia Image Exchange v1.02 (11) S60v3 SymbianOS9.x

Nokia Image Exchange v1.02 (11) S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned Turkish Translated By MaxiPDA
Nokia Image Exchange is an experimental imaging service to make browsing and sharing images fun and easy. It aims to provide a seamless integration of a mobile image gallery application and a corresponding web-service. Nokia Image Exchange explores the possibilities of the mobile phone when it is enabled with always-on data connection and utilizes existing contact information as a basis for social networking.
A Fast Gallery
Nokia Image Exchange is a fast standalone image gallery for a large variety of Nokia S60 devices. Browse images on a timeline, mark your favorite shots and skim through your images quickly in a grid. On supported devices, images also automatically rotate to the orientation of your screen.
Tight Service Integration
If network use is enabled, Nokia Image Exchange client automatically creates a private service account as part of the registration process. Images can be selectively uploadeded to the service, or the client can take care of backing up your collection to the service for you.
Images can be published and shared to your friends instantly. Your phonebook contacts that are also Nokia Image Exchange users are automatically recognized and thus there is no need to keep a separate contact list for the service.
Website for viewing images on a PC
Web interface allows you not only to browse your and other users’ images but to upload new ones. Uploaded images are automatically transferred to your mobile as well.
As all your images are stored on your Web account, you are free to download them to your PC, Mac or Linux via the Web site.
When connected, Nokia Image Exchange generates data traffic between the mobile phone and the service. The traffic costs depend on your network operator and data plan.
Nokia Image Exchange is an experimental imaging service for Nokia mobile phones. It is meant to be as convenient and effortless as possible.
With Image Exchange you can share images with your friends. It also makes your images easily available in its web interface to be viewed on a PC or downloaded.
Notice: Nokia Image Exchange is an experimental research project by Nokia Research Center. For a similar mainstream Nokia service, check out Ovi Share.
Nokia Image Exchange web service * The web service has been tested with Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 7. Google Chrome and Opera 9 seem to work.
Download here the full version of Nokia Image Exchange for non-touch devices including N95, N85, N82, E71, N76, N78 and Nokia 5320 XpressMusic.
Supported devices: N95 (all versions), N85, N82, N81 (all models), E71, N76, N78 and Nokia 5320 XpressMusic. Image Exchange should also work on many other Nokia S60 3.1 and 3.2 devices.
Devices known not to work or have issues: N96 and E90


Antarix Socially v1.51 S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x

Socially resides on your mobile phone and embeds dynamic Social Network data and context into the Address Book, Incoming Calls, Idle Desktop Screen and much more.
- Track all your friends in one place: Socially brings all your friends across multiple social networks in one place on your phone. Find what they have been up to and view the latest updates across social networks.
We support Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
When you are mobile, you need not access multiple applications to keep track of different networks.
- Automatic Social Alerts pushed to Phone: Socially collates significant events across your social networks and pushes them as notifications to your phone desktop. So no more checking multiple SNS sites or your email. When somebody changes their status, comments, or changes jobs, you are automatically notified on your phone. Be smart and make the social networks work for you. Notifications are non-obtrusive and served only during the day time. They can be completely turned off.
- Rich CallerID on incoming calls: Every time you receive a call on your phone, do you wonder why you just see the caller's name and CallerID? Imagine, in this day and age! With Socially on your phone, the next time a friend calls you, you see their latest Facebook profile photo, their most recent tweet and their current employer. All this before you pick up the call.
- Integration with Phone Address Book: Socially keeps your social network friends in sync with your phone contacts. The application uses a smart algorithm to match social friends to phone contacts. So now your address book is dynamically updated with your friends' latest photo, birthday, their company and email address.
- Block Pesky Callers: When you receive a call from somebody outside your address book (that telemarketer again?), you have an option to block the caller. The next time this Caller calls you, your phone will never even ring. Good riddance. For free.
- Caller's Last Conversation Context: Based on feedback from our beta users, we added this nifty feature that works during incoming calls and shows you when you last spoke or SMSed this caller. Handy for striking better conversations.
- Location of Annonymous Callers: When you receive a call from outside your address book, you are shown the caller's likely home location. Very useful feature in large countries or those with multiple carriers and a myriad of numbering plans.
-Push Social Notifications :
Social Alerts pushed to Phone
Socially collates significant events across your social networks and pushes them as notifications to your phone desktop.
So no more checking multiple SNS sites or your email. When somebody changes their status, comments, or changes jobs, you are automatically notified on your phone.
Be smart and make the social networks work for you.
Notifications are non-obtrusive and served only during the day time. They can be completely turned off.


Malcolm Bryant JabpLite v1.64 S60 Java

Malcolm Bryant JabpLite v1.64 S60 Java {Your Personal Finance Manager}25.06.10

The idea behind JabpLite has been to write a sophisticated personal finance program in Java MIDP which will work on a range of devices including Symbian phones and the Blackberry. JabpLite has many features to help you keep track of your finances, for example:
# Multiple accounts
# Default and user-defined categories
# Regular transactions (ie. save the transactions you do regularly)
# Track your investments
# Standing Orders (yearly, monthly, daily with any frequency), automatically generated on the due dates
# Future Balance calculations (see if you will have enough money to last until pay day!)
# Net worth calculation
# Top ten expense categories (see where your money is going!)
# Foreign currency accounts with automatic revaluation when FX rates change
and much more.
JabpLite comes with a sister program JabpBT, which allows smartphones running MIDP 2.0 to exchange data with a PC via Bluetooth. You can import or export QIF files to work with other PC-based financial programs. You can also backup your data and, when the time comes, move it onto your next phone!
Now it can synchronize with JABP using JabpSync.
A small update for JabpLite introduces a new preference to control the number of entries searched when using Match Description function. A bug when editing transfer transactions is also fixed.


ERDS Shot v1.0

ERDS Shot is a program written in PyS60 which allows you to take screenshots in S60v3 and S60v5 phones. The program is under constant development is therefore not a final version and would appreciate the reporting of bugs or improvements.
* Allows you to capture the screen and save the image with the path, name and format desired.
* Adds a watermark to catch
* Allows you to add a personal text, date, time or 3 things to the image.
* Allows you to display a preview of the final image
* Set the position of the watermark (manual or automatic)
* Set the text position (manual or automatic)
* Allows you to join in an animated gif catches over time and indicated cycle (only supported png)
* Selecting the shutter button to capture
* Allows you to select the color and text size
* Includes a search engine for images to be seen with the default viewer
* Allows you to restore the default settings
Version 0.8
* Added: Option to choose the position of text or watermark with just indicate where (Above - Left for example) designed for S60V5
* Added: Language in text files for easy translation
* Added: Mini-Module "Opacity" by jge93 in order to add transparency to the watermark
* Added: progress bar to create masks and restore settings
* Added: Italian and English Language
* Added: Auto-Reset when changing language
* Added: New images on the current assistants
* Added: Ability to use your own mask for the watermark
Fixed: Resizing of the watermark images
Fixed: I can now be used in the program accents
Fixed: Icon smaller (the other was out of bounds)
* Fixed: Removed some junk in the code to lighten a bit
* Fixed: Problem in some mobile phones with the images. It is now fully multi-resolution
Version 0.9.1
* Fixed: Error not select a language, did not return to the main area
* Fixed: Error that sometimes do not save images, instead replace them
* Fixed: Problems indicating the position, now is a little less vague
* Fixed: Now you can save the error in a txt
* Fixed: Now to change the folder, it goes into this without rebooting
* Fixed: Now shows the sentences according to the language correctly in text settings
* Fixed: Several minor bugs ...
* Added: function to upload the image to imageshack and return immediately link to the clipboard (optional with bbcode)
* Added: function to send the image via Bluetooth immediately
* Added: function to cut an area of the image
* Added: New images browser, with features like Delete, Open, Cut, Upload or Send
* Added: function to choose the resolution of the capture (with software interpolation ;))
* Added: Choice of folder in C + +
* Added: menu divided for better organization
* Added: Russian language by guardtroops
* Added: Vietnamese Language Kojiro
* Added: Portuguese language by google
* Added: Updated about dialog :partyman:
Whtas New?
* Added: "Collage", allows to join two, four or six images on a single with three different styles respecting the dimensions of each (looks the screenshots ;))
* Added: function 'Uploads', save the link of each ascent to imageshack for later use (it automatically saves the link)
* Added: New icon by alrod
* Added: New background by alrod
* Added: New module to cut images by jge93 & Genesis with a lot of options ;)
* Added: New color palette by jge93
* Added: When selecting a new watermark, it copies itself to a folder for later use without having to search again
* Added: Compression of the RAM after taking a screenshot (auto)
* Removed: Images in the about (useless)
* Fixed: Now add the exact current time, down time that you opened the program
* Fixed: Now you have to reboot every time you change your folder
* Fixed: Many minor bugs ...
It was tested in the following models
* Nokia N95-3
* Nokia N82
* Nokia N95 8GB
* Nokia N95-1
* 8MP Nokia N86
* Nokia 6110
* Mini Nokia N97
* Nokia N97
* Nokia N96
* Nokia N91


Voyager Home Screen (vHome) v3.73a S60v3 SymbianOS9.x

Voyager Home Screen (vHome) is a free ware helps you customize your S60's home screen with big clock, start menu, weather, news ticker, Google, fav contact, smart dialing, etc.
Key features:
Features like Google, weather, news, Operator logo, big clock are pretty straight forward, if you do not like a certain feature, just press C to disable it. Press left/right on to-do bar and news bar could switch item.
Quick task switch: we use the red end key to switch between running tasks, it's lot easier than pressing home key and then select, also you will never quit java apps like Opera Mini/Gmail by accidentally pressing Red key.
Smart dialing: just type one number for one letter, to find any contact fast. Like 2455 for Bill. You can use this for apps, too. Like 46245 for Gmail. You might find phone's menu a bit useless when you can get to anything from home screen with smart dialing.
Start menu: another way to organize your apps, you can locate an app using smart dialing, and place the app in start menu or home screen shortcut easily. And we support sub-folder in start menu.
MyFav: we scan your call logs automatically and place the people you call/text most frequently in MyFav feature, on the home screen's right selection key (of course you can change this with any app you want). Press left/right key in this, you can see your most used apps, too.
vApps: yeah, we include a mini App store, the seventh shortcut. Not too many apps for now (tell us what you want to see here), we want to gather the best free apps here, all fit your phone model (we test and organize them by screen resolution, MR/FP1/FP2 etc., so you don't have to). Just one click to download, auto install to E:, dead simple. (the list is updated automatically, so check in once in a while).
New app popup: after a new app is installed, you would see a popup asking if you would like to run it now. Save you time digging in to menu to find it.
Web directory: Click web browser, you'll see our directory page. All most popular mobile sites (hopefully). If you don't like it, just turn it off in Start-Settings-More
Keypad Lock: the system's settings would not work, please setup again in vHome. Lock is easy: Start-Lock, much better than old way. Press end key twice to unlock.
Connection: by default, vHome update weather/news each hour, 9:00-23:00 (no update if you disable news and weather), change this in Start-Settings-Connection to suit your needs.
What's new:
0. You can now send twitter from vHome
1. On fp2 models, screen will not flick after quit menu
2. Data counter feature in Start-More
3. vHome now automatically connect to WiFi first
4. Now displays USB indicator
5. Now N95-8G/N96 displays left/right selection key
6. Support left+right selection to lock keypad
7. Support BT key and profile key on E72
8. Support 5730/E75
9. Added vNewsReader for home screen news, it's basically system
browser with page up/down feature. just press 4/6, space or volume key
to turn pages
10. Many other small fixes, updates


Zip Utility v2.00 J2ME

This java software allows you to create as well as extract zip files on your phones itself. Created using LWUIT, you have a better visual experience with animations. You can increase speed by switching off transitions and change theme to low resolution. You might have to change application access settings on your mobile phone. You might be prompted every time you open a folder or select a file if your phone is strict in terms of security. The application might not work if your phone does not allow to access the file system.

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