TwitBlack v1.21(2) S60 3rd-5th

TwitBlack v1.21(2) S60 3rd-5th (J2ME Mobile Twitter client)

TwitBlack is a Twitter client application for mobile, base on j2me. Most of Twitter features has been implemented on TwitBlack.
Key features:
* Timeline: Public Timeline, Home Timeline, User Timeline, Favourites.
* Search: Search, Saved search, User search.
* Trends: Current, Daily, Weekly.
* Friendship: Following, Followers, Blocklist, Follow/Unfollow, Block/Unblock.
* Tweet: New Tweet, Insert Image, Insert Trends, Direct Message, Reply, Re-tweet, Inbox, Outbox.
* List: New List, Update List, Delete List, Add Member to List.
* Account Update
* OAuth support


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